Dr. B.N. Rathna, an Ayurvedic medical practitioner at Hassan could not confine herself to her prolific medical practice, as the natural instinct of her to get involved in more and more social service has made her to think of forming an Educational Trust to promote education among the youth by establishing some educational Institutions. It is thus Rathna Education Trust (R),
Co-curricular and extra curricular activities are the essential part of education imparted in our institutions. Various clubs, Camps, N.S.S. and other competitive activities in sports and games receive equal importance as they compliment a wholesome and healthy personality development of the students.
Emphasis is laid through this programme to reach out to the remote villages and educate the rural massess about Hygiene, meaning of quality health, education, how to take care of babies, importance of small families, taking care of girl child etc. Students will be encouraged to take part in social service activities, so that they will have an understanding of human conditions in rural areas.